Care 2 Share?

I do. Besides  ForThree being the 'better Smart car'  (<click), 

it is equally great in driverless mode and with the auto-pilot switched off,
which makes it the perfect auto-mobile regardless if it is owned or shared.

Since the  window of opportunity  lies in that gaping void between the car industry's MO* (selling as many cars as possible) and  Google's vision of anonymous-looking, driverless, shared pods, here's my suggestion to Car2Go. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Why shouldn't a product be great to use and look at, regardless if it's owned or shared? Functionality and design are THE two 'ingredients' with which  Apple   reinvented the good ol' phone, which made it the richest company in the world. Why not reinvent that four-wheeled box that have been with us for ages? This next-generation auto-mobile is utilitarian enough to be used in a shared capacity, plus it has the right proportions to make it a truly effective early adopter of driverless technology.

 Car2Go  enables people to use Smart cars on a shared basis. Here is the 'mobile app' so to speak that will suit what Car2Go sets out to do best. It's the perfect vehicle for the near future in which cars are still steered personally, as well as for the more distant future in which cars drive themselves. It is more comfortable, safer,  narrower  (<click) than ForTwo and ForFour which enables it to slice through urban traffic, and more  fun to drive  (<click) 'manually' than anything similarly sized. More energy-efficient too, which will definitely help in the operating costs department. **

Ask yourself that most basic question that captures the essence of any business and that eliminates any wishful thinking:
 What would you rather have? 
(as a customer, user... as a passenger, driver)

If it's good, it's simple. If it's simple, it's verifiable to stake- and shareholders.
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Ralph Panhuyzen
Ph. ++31 61 743 4661

* Are (1) running a car company & car brand and (2) catering to people's personal mobility needs and preferences mutually inclusive? Or do they merely overlap to a certain degree? The first is about developing, manufacturing and selling successors to a car company's present models, hoping they will do better than the competition's. The second takes a fresh new approach to what (literally) 'moves' people, what motivates them. The established car brands have long been shielded from the "change or perish" rule. No longer. In the author's opinion, any global brand or alliance may step up to the plate of marketing and selling new-generation 'personal transportation modes'. 

** Automotive experts already acknowledged the 'outside the (car) box' vehicle introduced here as a viable alternative, and doable to engineer. It received recognition by a distinguished jury at NAIAS. Auctor intellectualis (and IP holder) Ralph Panhuyzen was involved with the scientific study on car mobility (ISBN-13: 978-90-442-0015-7) in the Netherlands (one of the most densely populated countries in the world) which was held under the auspices of the NWO, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. NB: this presentation is put together for assessment purposes only. Unauthorized use forbidden. The New Isetta aka Smart ForThree is not an open source project, and formally OHIM registered. If in doubt about the semantics of what is "authorized" (literally: of, by or from the author) and what is not (presenting or using what has been created by someone else as if it were yours) consult a legal expert.


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